Game of Silks appoints Ron Luniewski as COO

Luniewski is the latest executive addition at Game of Silks, with almost 30 years in the gambling industry.

Game of Silks, a metaverse horseracing operator, has appointed Ron Luniewski as its new COO.

Prior to his appointment, Luniewski was the Co-Founder and CEO of Swagger Gaming, a daily fantasy sports platform.

He’s also held executive positions in Xpressbet, and Electronic Data Systems.

Dan Nissanoff, Silks CEO and Co-Founder, said: “With the first Game of Silks racing season in full swing, our business is looking to scale rapidly to new users and showcase what’s possible when you marry the timeless tradition of horse racing with blockchain technology.

“Ron’s experience growing successful companies from start-up status to IPO, adapting and implementing new technology, and his deep industry connections to the global horse racing community are invaluable in any market.”

As a blockchain game, Silks mirrors the world of thoroughbred horseracing with its own economy and marketplace.

On his appointment, Luniewski said: “Throughout my career, I have looked for ways to employ innovative technology to grow the sport of horse racing, so I was immediately inspired when I came across Game of Silks.

“Silks is a revolutionary platform that can fundamentally change horse racing by giving a whole new class of fan the ability to participate in this sport.

“Major players in racing, like the New York Racing Association (NYRA), have already hitched their wagon to Game of Silks, having seen its potential.

Players can purchase in-game land and stables for their blockchain horses, as well as customise their avatars.

Luniewski continued: “We’re excited to establish additional partnerships with the racing community as we advance.”

On the other side of the virtual racing paddock, Zed Run has partnered with SCCG Management, an advisory firm in the global betting industry.


Metaverse horseracing operator Game of Silks has announced the appointment of Ron Luniewski as its new COO. Luniewski brings almost 30 years of experience in the gambling industry, having previously worked as the Co-Founder and CEO of Swagger Gaming. He has also held executive positions with Xpressbet,, and Electronic Data Systems. Game of Silks aims to scale rapidly and utilize blockchain technology to revolutionize the horse racing industry. Luniewski expressed his excitement about the platform, stating that it has the potential to give a new class of fans the ability to participate in the sport.

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