IGT announces the passing of Fabio Cairoli, CEO of Global Lottery

Fabio Cairoli, IGT CEO of Global Lottery and industry veteran, has passed away.

International Game Technology (IGT) has released a statement following the passing of IGT CEO of Global Lottery, Fabio Cairoli.

Marco Sala, IGT Executive Chair, said: „IGT announced today with great sadness that Fabio Cairoli, IGT CEO of Global Lottery, has suddenly passed away.

“Fabio was an outstanding executive. He was distinguished by his passion, drive, sincerity, and commitment to results and innovation.

“His leadership of the Global Lottery Sales and Operations, Italy Lottery Operations, Global Lottery Product and Sales Development, and Global Lottery Technology and Support functions was unparalleled.

“While these operations remain in very capable and experienced hands, we recognise that many in the lottery industry also held personal relationships with Fabio, and that he was a greatly respected friend within and beyond the industry.

„At this time, IGT extends its deepest condolences to Fabio Cairoli’s family, as we dedicate our efforts to supporting their needs during this difficult time.“

Since joining in July 2020, Cairoli had served IGT as its CEO of Global Lottery, where he was responsible for overseeing all lines of business and management alike, as well as the sales for operations within Italy.

Cairoli also held executive positions in Lottomatica Group S.p.A, the predecessor company to IGT, joining the company in 2012 as Senior VP of Business before later becoming CEO.

Under his guidance, the Lottery division of IGT had recently signed a 10-year contract with Malta, to become the newly elected operator of the National Lottery PLC.

Not only did IGT support the launch of the new lottery central system and retail solutions in Malta, following its newly awarded licence, but also the first draw games to go live in the country for over a decade.

Cairoli was also very vocal in his support for his team on channels such as LinkedIn, sharing the achievements of the company and individuals alike.



Fabio Cairoli, CEO of Global Lottery at International Game Technology (IGT), has passed away. IGT released a statement expressing their sadness and recognizing Cairoli’s outstanding leadership and contributions to the company. Cairoli had been with IGT since July 2020 and was responsible for overseeing all lines of business and operations in Italy. Under his guidance, IGT’s Lottery division recently signed a 10-year contract with Malta. Cairoli was a respected figure in the industry and will be greatly missed. IGT extends its deepest condolences to Cairoli’s family and commits to supporting them during this difficult time.

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